The Rothschild Family’s take on the Champagne tradition and savoir-faire.
A very fine blended wine based on a majority of Chardonnay.
The breadth and depth of this wine are a testament to the high proportion and exceptional quality of the reserve wines that have gone into its blend.
Concordia Brut
60% Chardonnay
40% Pinot Noir
More than 40% reserve wines
4 years of ageing
Brut Nature

The extreme purity signed by Barons de Rothschild, without any dosage.

Brut Millésimé

The balance between the great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir terroirs, the savoir-faire of great vintage wines.

About us
Founded in 2005, Champagne Barons de Rothschild was born from a unique and unprecedented alliance between the three branches of the Rothschild Family. The Barons have joined forces, for the first time in their history, to create a Champagne House and craft their unique interpretation of a “Grand Vin de Champagne” together.


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