Amsterdam – New Jakarta Hotel – Barons de Rothschild

June 11th, 2018

Jakarta is the latest of the Westcord hotel group, which account 15 Hotels, developed by Harry and Jennifer Westers since 1987. All are a mixture of winks of eye in the history of the Netherlands, in the best tastes of the decoration and the contemporary luxury. In parallel, hotels reserve a very well-kept restoration and some Michelin stars to their customers. The Jakarta hotel, was the place of the former counter of sea transports for Indonesia. Ex colonies of the Country until 1949. A whole symbol for Jakarta, constructed of exotic wood and glass, which for the first private party of its story, welcomed Baron Philippe Sereys de Rothschild. Having presented the interests of the family Rothschild with champagne and his cuvees to the guests, he followed itself a dinner luxuriously worked, mixed of spices and sweetness in perfect harmony with the Rothschild Champagnes.