Croatia – Split – Hvar: one summer in colors Barons of Rothschild

July 19th-21st, 2017

Croatia is the last very fashionable European destination and it is very normal, its islands and its coast on the Adriatic are magnificent, his very welcoming population and places uncountable tendencies. Zara Malic, CEO and owner of Pago distribution in Croatia understood well it and the arrival of the champagne Rothschild in his offer two years ago made sparkle the beautiful places of parties (Hula-Hula Club, Carpe-Diem Clubs) of the small port of Hvar, “Croatian Saint Tropez”. Restaurants and luxury hotels of this small island do not escape the network Pago weaved for more than 20 years and the champagne of the family Rothschild is there everywhere! The last conquest, quite new Beach Club de Bol, an island so trendy as Hvar where the champagne of the Barons and the champagne house.