Meridian – Rupert and Barons of Rothschild

15 on January 19th, 2018

South Africa is often quoted as one of the most beautiful region of the World, his inhabitants are wonderful, just like the teams of Meridian Wine Merchant and Rupert and Rothschild who distribute and promote champagnes Barons of Rothschild. With more than 350 people at Meridian and Rupert and Rothschild the champagne of the family Rothschild could not find better as Ambassadors. In parallel of the visit of the market, three ” staff training ” were organized for all the on-the-spot sales forces, first of all in Johannesburg in luxurious Winston Hôtel then in the fantastic Domain Rupert and Rothschild near Cape Town. The enthusiastic teams to be able to share all the details of this unique and great story, the secrets of our cuvee, the passion of our business are the best today to promote color of the house … Thanks to all