The Netherlands, a driving market in the Northern Europe

19th – 20th  September, 2016

Baron Philippe Sereys de Rothschild knows well the Netherlands. Its visit in Rotterdam and Amsterdam again marked the spirits. At the instigation of the House Bart our local partner, the club of Ambassadors Barons de Rothschild introduced in the Netherlands in 2014, combines 30 restaurant owners of prestigious names in the country today. All were enchanted to receive Baron de Rothschild who comes specially to hand new plates Ambassador personally. The Westcord * restaurant of Hotel New York (Rotterdam), the Bowery Hilton of Schiphol where the event took place, the Komme Dissel and the Fashion Hotel of Amsterdam are the new Ambassadors. During the stay, Baron Sereys de Rothschild also visited one of the most original hotel of Rotterdam, the SS Rotterdam (Westcord Group), prestigious cruise boat with 254 rooms in which the champagne Barons of Rothschild has been part of the furniture also. © photos : sblanchard