Shanghai : Launching the cuvée Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs 2008 Vintage at the Group 55

27st November 2017

We had to make something special. Something big to launch this vintage coming from the exceptional 2008 harvest. Something that China will remember. The 6,500 square-metre Wine Residence is the flagship venue in Shanghai and the first operation in China to bring customers the very best in wine experience up to an unrivaled level of service and trust. This dinner was the opportunity for some privileged clients to have a taste of Barons de Rothschild fine bubbles pairing with an amazing and delicate Chinese food. The cheery on the cake was at the end of the meal with the exclusive presentation and tasting of the 2008 Vintage, which brilliantly embodies the savoir-faire of the house to create a great Champagne.