First meeting of the Belgian ambassadors

1st July 2019

Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild did us the honor to chair the first meeting of our Belgian ambassadors club. Created recently, it has more and more followers including five new ones were inducted during his trip. It is the feet in the sand on a beach at the Dutch border (another country where the ambassadors club is very active), under the leadership of Erwin, double starred restaurant De Kromme Watergang, the ambassadors enjoyed an idyllic weather in a very relaxed atmosphere. Julien de Beaumarchais reminded them of the family’s deep commitment to this common family project, the success of which continues to grow even if we want to remain a human-sized house in favor of optimal quality. This lunch continued at Erwin’s restaurant where Monsieur had reserved two beautiful vintages from his cellar, which our guests will not soon forget. Taking advantage of his Belgian stay, he wanted to personally meet new ambassadors who could not break free. Relive these moments of joy in photos that are only possible thanks to the talent of our duo Bart Peeters and Luc Derumeaux, who had been joined, Dutch beach requires, by Jeffrey Bart who imports us in Holland. Highly the second edition of this event next year for which we will have to find a place as unusual as spectacular to be up to it.